Welcome! If you believe that we, together as a community, can work collectively to fashion a future for Newington built on continuous progress, creative problem solving, and mutual respect, then join us. We are the Newington Democratic Party and this is our platform for growth.

Our Vision for the Future

Foundational Pillars:

  1. Dedication to Our People
  2. Strategic Investments
  3. Civic Engagement
  4. Regional Collaboration

Dedication to Our People

Social Equity


We believe in supporting the educational needs of our families, including the concept of continuous learning. Education is the pathway to a better future for all. Newington must commit more fully to the educational needs of our residents of all ages. This means supporting our schools through reconstruction initiatives, empowering the administration to push the envelope on curriculum design, exploring enhanced programming, and continuing market-competitive teacher salaries. It also means reexamining the role and reach of adult education offerings, our relationships with trade schools and the needs of local businesses.

Community Resources

We believe Newington has a lot to offer and can be proud of our parks and open space, our library, and many other amenities. Let’s continue our commitment to enhancing these wonderful attributes. We believe in adding to our inventory of open space. We believe in supporting recreational programming, the arts, concerts, and activities that bring our community together.

Strategic Investments


We believe in expanding our grand list through responsible growth. This means looking at opportunities for mixed-use development where retail, office, and housing can co-exist. This means exploring new concepts in zoning like the transit-related overlay zoning along the rail lines. This means looking at creative ways to continue to enhance our town center, to increase outdoor dining, to address our responsibilities related to affordable housing. This also means making a renewed effort on economic development to retain existing businesses and attract new business investments in town.


We believe in taking an active role in addressing transportation issues such as traffic flow, high-volume routes, and commuter safety. The busway should be viewed as an opportunity, and we need to think about how we can leverage the busway to promote growth in Newington. We believe Newington should have a train station allowing our residents greater access to points north and south, including eventually Bradley International Airport.

Civic Engagement


We believe in an open government, dedicated to the service of our residents. We believe in an active participatory citizenry, informed of the issues, and equally invested in working toward positive outcomes.

Regional Collaboration

Adjacent Town Partnerships

We believe that there is strength in numbers. We believe that we should begin a dialogue on expanding existing partnerships with our adjacent towns. We believe that we should explore avenues to greater collaboration with adjacent towns to reduce costs, increase revenues, and to promote our region of Connecticut as a viable option for businesses, for investment, and for living.

Leveraging Relationships

We believe that we can achieve greater leverage, whether that is financial or political, by working together to achieve common goals. We need to think beyond our town to consider how we can attract state investment that benefits not only Newington but our neighbors as well. Regional investment makes sense if it achieves and supports a common interest.

Where We stand on Important Issues

Anna Reynolds School – Rebuild/repair the Anna Reynolds school as soon as possible. This needs to be our town’s top priority. We support a referendum to combine funding for this effort with the redevelopment of the Mill Pond Pools.

Mill Pond Pool – As an important community resource for our residents and guests, the aging Mill Pond Pool should be rebuilt. A new pool and bathhouse will provide years of service to the residents of Newington, allowing individuals and families the enjoyment and physical benefits of swimming.

Downtown Redevelopment – Newington’s downtown business district is a hidden gem. We have an opportunity to accentuate and enhance its many wonderful features while responsibly adding to our grand list. We recommend efforts be made to revitalize the Lowery Place properties in partnership with Keney Manufacturing, Hartford Hospital, and the United States Postal Service. We support a mixed-use development of retail, office, and residential design that takes advantage of the many positive attributes Newington center has to offer.

Train Station – We support the development of a train station in town within the newly zoned overlay along Cedar Street.

Grand List Expansion – Tax revenues are necessary to maintain existing services and to provide high-quality education. We need to be creative in our efforts to expand the grant list and add revenue-generating entities to the tax rolls. The more successful we are in achieving this goal, the more we reduce the burden on our residential property taxes.

Open Space Inventory – Acquiring open space at the top of Cedar Mountain was a great first step. More needs to be done. We should be working to identify potential parcels of land, both developed and undeveloped, to add to our inventory of open space.